The Arkansas Center for School Safety (the Center) has been awarded a Bureau of Justice Assistance grant to assist Arkansas school districts, both public and private, to develop effective behavioral threat assessment teams and processes. Threat assessment is a critical component of preventing school shootings and other targeted violence on campus.


Threat Assessment Toolkit:
The toolkit includes guidance and resources for implementing a behavioral threat assessment team and introduces the concept of threat assessment in schools.

Introduction to Behavioral Threat Assessment ONLINE:
This one-hour course will highlight research findings regarding the thoughts and behaviors of individuals who perpetuate acts of targeted violence, processes to develop a school threat assessment team and guidance on community engagement and overcoming the Bystander Effect.

Basic Behavioral Threat Assessment:
This seven-hour course, to be delivered virtually, will explore the basic procedures and guidelines for threat assessment teams. Topics will include strategies for diverting students on a violent trajectory, components of threat assessment policies and procedures, defining and identifying behaviors for assessment screenings and levels of interventions needed to deter acts of violence. PLEASE NOTE: This course includes interactive scenarios designed for actual behavioral threat assessment teams. It is recommended that all members or potential members of a school threat assessment team should attend the same course delivery.

There is no charge for these resources and trainings.

For more information, contact: Vicki French, ACSS Coordinator, at 501-570-8098.

This program is funded through U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance grant 2019-YS-BX-0089.

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