A new law, ACT 811 of 2023, requires all Arkansas school resource officers (SROs) and school nurses in high schools across the State to carry naloxone at all times while on campus.

In addition, by January 1, 2024, each public high school campus must have an opioid overdose rescue kit located at Automated External Defibrillator (AED) sites across each campus. The location of each rescue kit must be registered with the school nurse and school resource officer.

Any administration of naloxone on campus must be reported to the Criminal Justice Institute. SROs and school nurses can report naloxone use utilizing the QR code included on all kits or through the NARCANsas app.

All school staff that may administer naloxone through a naloxone AED kit are highly encouraged to download the NARCANsas app. The app is available through both the Apple Store and Google Play.

Meeting the Need

To assist schools in meeting the requirements of Act 811, CJI provided NaloxKits to school districts across the State. We are tremendously grateful to the staff at education cooperatives who assisted in the distribution of these kits to school districts. Once received, these NaloxKits must be co-located in a school’s existing Automated External Defibrillator (AED) cabinet to make accessibility easier.

Each NaloxKit contained:
– Two 4-mg doses of NARCAN®
– An insulated carry pouch
– A pair of fentanyl resistant gloves
– A rescue breathing barrier
– A voice module for reminder instructions
– Naloxone signage/labels designed for the AED cabinet
– Tear pad of instruction sheets for naloxone administration
– Treatment referral cards


In the event that naloxone is utilized during an adverse event on campus, it should be immediately reported to the Criminal Justice Institute. A QR Code for the Naloxone Reporting Tool is included with each NaloxKit for quick access.

This online survey is mobile compatible and comprised of a total of 24 questions, some required and some optional.  Those in a position to administer naloxone are encouraged to review the questions before an emergency arises.

Naloxone Refills/Replacement

If your school received naloxone through the Criminal Justice Institute, we will provide refills as needed. However, before a refill can be distributed, the naloxone usage must be reported as indicated above.

We will also replace expired naloxone and will send reserve doses to keep your campus adequately stocked. School staff should perform inspections during the first month of each academic semester to determine if an opioid overdose rescue kit requires the replacement of used or expired naloxone.

Naloxone Training

To reduce the number of opioid overdose deaths in Arkansas, CJI delivers a course— Naloxone Use: Arkansas Prescription Drug and Opioid Overdose ONLINE—to help train first responders as well as family and community members across the state to recognize an opioid overdose and safely administer naloxone.

School Resource Officers and education professionals can access this free resource by contacting Latrese Atkins @ 501-570-8095.


We’re here to help you! If you need additional assistance or have questions, contact Carol Waddle @ 501-570-8021 or Latrese Atkins @ 501-570-8095.