If you’re a School Resource Officer actively working on a school campus, take advantage of our SRO Certificate Program!

This program allows school resource officers (SROs) in Arkansas to earn various levels of certificates that acknowledge their achievements for training and dedicated service to their schools and communities.

SROs help ensure a safe and secure school campus by serving their schools through the SRO Triad Model of educator, informal counselor and law enforcer. To provide support to them in each of these roles, four levels of certificates are now available through a new SRO Certificate Program.

These levels include: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced or Senior. The levels must be earned in chronological sequence. Therefore, you must apply and be approved for the Basic Level Certificate before applying for the Intermediate Level and so on.

To be eligible for the award of a certificate, each applicant must be a sworn law enforcement officer appointed by a law enforcement agency located within the State of Arkansas. Applicants must also be a current School Resource Officer. These various certificate levels will ensure that SROs receive specialized school safety training to be of benefit to both the officer and the school district they serve.

SRO Certificate Levels FAQs

SRO Certificate Levels Requirements

SRO Certificate Application Form

For more information, contact Keith Graham at 501-570-8098.