Because every school is unique—not only in its physical layout, but also in its organizational climate and culture—it is critical that school safety assessments are regularly conducted to assess the equally unique strengths and weaknesses of your school campus.

Site Assess is a FREE secure mobile app designed specifically for school campuses to allow personnel to walk around buildings and grounds and examine safety, security, accessibility, and emergency preparedness. The app, created by the U.S. Department of Education, generates a customized to-do list that may be used in the short term and long term to address facility improvements, prompts teams to share pertinent information with first responders, and contains relevant resources on several education facility and preparedness topics.

Our School Site Safety Assessment and Audit Training focuses on the use of this app. To provide participants with hands-on, practical experience, a portion of this class includes an actual walk through and physical evaluation of a school site. Participants will receive resources for setting up safety and security monitoring and reporting for their district as well as gain knowledge on selecting campus and district emergency response teams and campus evaluation teams.

This FREE training benefits School Resource Officers, District Safety and Security Teams, School Safety Coordinators, School Administrators and other School Staff.