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Prerequisite: Completion of the Basic Behavioral Threat Assessment course.  You will not be allowed to enroll in the Advanced course until at least 30 days after you have completed the Basic course.
It is recommended that the district/school threat assessment team members attend this training together when possible.

This course is based on research and best practices in the area of school threat assessment and on the experiences of the instructors’ co-authoring the U.S. Secret Service/U.S. Department of Education model of school threat assessment. The advanced school threat assessment course will cover the following topics:

• Review of Best Practices in School Threat Assessment
• Review of Steps in the Threat Assessment Process
• Tabletop Exercise – Case Screening
• Tabletop Exercise – Information Gathering, Analysis, and Assessment
• Developing and Implementing Threat Management / Intervention Plans
• Tabletop Exercise – Threat Management / Case Management
• Strategies for Interviewing in Threat Assessment Cases
• Common Problems and Solutions

Upon completion of this course, participants will better understand school threat assessment procedures, how a school attack was prevented, how to conduct interviews in threat assessment cases, how to identify solutions to common problems in threat assessment cases and gain practice in all aspects of working threat assessment cases.