Join us on June 6th at the Wilbur D. Mills Education Cooperative in Beebe to learn more about The Bully, The Bullied, and The Not-So-Innocent Bystander.

Breaking the cycle of violence in our homes, schools and communities involves more than merely identifying and stopping the bully. It requires examining why and how a child becomes a bully or the target of a bully (and sometimes both) as well as the role bystanders play in perpetuating the cycle.

Some bullied children have struck back with a vengeance and rage that have left communities with incomprehensible horror and sorrow. Others, who reached what they felt was an utterly hopeless and irretrievable point, have made a tragic and final exit. We are devastated by these final acts but rarely outraged by the events that led to that final act. The bottom line: These tragic outcomes need not have happened.

This course will provide participants with suggestions for helping students:

  • Learning to stand up for their own rights while respecting the rights and legitimate needs of others
  • Handling conflicts non-violently
  • Acting with integrity when confronted with difficult situations
  • Developing an inner moral code that gives them the wherewithal to do what is right

In addition, this course will address the topic of bullying as a learned behavior and suggest ways to examine that behavior and change it.

There is NO REGISTRATION FEE for this training. This training will benefit both School Resource Officers and K-12 Educators.


Questions? Contact Stacey Ball / 501-570-8079 / [email protected]


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