What is a School Safety Coordinator?

School Safety Coordinators play a critical role in helping to establish and maintain a culture of school safety compliance for educators and school staff. As a result, the Arkansas School Safety Commission has recommended as a best practice that all school districts must have a school safety coordinator on each campus, who is a part of the district school safety security team. The School Safety Coordinator conducts security audits, reviews emergency operation plans, and coordinates with law enforcement, fire, and emergency medical services during a campus event. The Coordinator is also responsible for tornado, fire, and earthquake lockdown drills.

Who should serve in this role?

While it is the responsibility of each school district to assign individuals to this role, any individual on campus who has an interest in security/safety and risk management can perform these duties for their school under the direct supervision of the school principal, who remains the ultimate, primary individual responsible for building security and student safety.

Curriculum Outline
Roles and Responsibilities (1.5 hours)
School Safety Commission and Best Practices (1 Hour)
School Safety Laws and Legislation (1 Hour)
Compliance and Accountability (1.5 Hours)
Incident Command and Best Practices (2 Hours)

Prior to attending this course, participants are required to complete the FEMA IS-100C: Introduction to the Incident Command System course. This two-hour course can be completed online at no cost.


Friday, April 14, 2023
8:30am – 4:30pm
Don Tyson School of Innovation
2667 Hylton Road
Springdale, AR 72764

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