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NEW! Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design For Schools

For the first time ever, the Safe Schools Program will be offering Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design For Schools (CPTED).

This course will allow participants to use advanced Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) strategies and solutions to promote safety, orderly behavior, and a reduction of fear in the school environment. There will be technical sessions on transportation, signage, landscaping, and lighting. Additionally, participants are guided through a comprehensive school assessment process followed by a real assessment of a school.

Working in teams, participants will develop, prioritize, and present feasible recommendations for improving safety and comfort of students and staff. This training will prepare participants to examine and apply the principles of CPTED to a school environment, to develop and apply strategies and present recommendations for improving the safety and security of schools.

This class will be instructed by Charles (Chuck) Sczuroski, Vice-President of Training Services at Facility Management International US, LLC, and Gerard Kendle, Hagerstown, MD Police Department.

Before joining FMI, Mr. Sczuroski served as master trainer for the National Crime Prevention Council. He has conducted basic, advanced, abandoned properties, campus, and school-based CPTED training in a variety of settings: businesses, campuses, schools, and communities. Sczuroski has helped many Cities in the development of CPTED Teams and the development for improvement on the site plan review process. He has provided custom-tailored CPTED training to many municipalities and also has years of experience in helping communities create crime prevention action plans and then following up with those communities to provide technical assistance on implementing the plans.  As a result of Sczuroski and NCPC’s work, the publication Best Practices for Using Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design in Weed and Seed Sites was written and is used as a best model guide for communities nationwide.

Officer Kendle has logged over 1000 hours in training and instruction as well as practical field experience in CPTED. Presentations on CPTED were conducted with the Maryland Community Crime Prevention Institute and NCPC and additional trainings for the State of New York with NCPC with an emphasis on site design and planning review.  He is also currently involved in numerous CPTED projects throughout his jurisdiction including revitalization projects aimed at the City of Hagerstown’s downtown core with the Main Street Maryland Program.  Beginning in 2014 and completing in early 2016, CPTED based security studies were conducted at 20 Schools in Kendle’s jurisdiction with 18 of those being managed by the Washington County Maryland Board of Education and two Catholic schools under the jurisdiction of the Archdiocese of Baltimore.