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New Classes in 2020 from the Arkansas Center for School Safety

The Arkansas Center for School Safety is pleased to announce our new course schedule for Winter/Spring 2020. Along with many of our traditional programs, we are offering five NEW classes!

Active Shooter Threat Assessment & Threat Leakage
January 30 @ Criminal Justice Institute
This comprehensive, research-based course examines the psychology and behavior of active shooters, with a particular emphasis on adolescent perpetrators.

Managing Gangs in Schools
March 18 @ Criminal Justice Institute
This three-hour course will explore students’ involvement with gangs and the impact that gangs have on them and the school.

Addressing and Preventing Adult Sexual Misconduct in the School Setting: Train-the-Educator
March 31 @ Criminal Justice Institute
This training is intended to help prepare schools and school districts to create comprehensive policies and procedures within their EOPs for preventing and addressing adult sexual misconduct in schools.

Victimization of Youth
March 18 @ Criminal Justice Institute
This three-hour course will help participants learn to better recognize and identify the signs of victimization of youth in areas such as child abuse, neglect, sexual assault, human trafficking, child exploitation and relationship violence.

Standard Response Protocol/Standard Reunification Method (SRP/SRM Workshop)
Contact Vicki French for more information: 501-570-8098 or
The Standard Reunification Method (SRM) fills a critical void in school safety planning—how to reunite students with their parents after a crisis. This full-day workshop introduces the concepts and history of the Standard Response Protocol (SRP), a proven enhancement to school safety planning, and the SRM.