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10 Questions For School Emergency Operations Plans

1.) Does our district have an up-to-date Emergency Operations Plan (EOP)?

2.) Does our district have an emergency preparedness planning team that meets regularly to address safety and emergency preparedness issues?    

3.) When was the school EOP last reviewed? If changes to the EOP were needed, were those changes implemented?    

4.) Does each campus or building in our district have an EOP?    

5.) How do we ensure that each campus/building EOP aligns with the district EOP?    

6.) What are we doing to ensure that all district faculty and staff, including substitutes, understand their roles and responsibilities under the EOP?

7.) Are we meeting (or exceeding) state and district mandated requirements to conduct drills and test our emergency procedures?

8.) How will we communicate with parents during an emergency, and how have we built redundancy into our communication plan?

9.) Does every building in the district have a plan to reunite students with parents following an emergency? How is that plan communicated to the parents?

10.) What are we doing to engage the whole community to create a positive culture of safety in our district?

To download a printable .pdf of these questions, click here.