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Law Enforcement Management

The primary mission of the Law Enforcement Management Division (LEMD) is to enhance the knowledge, skills, and abilities of Arkansas law enforcement professionals by providing leadership and management courses customized to meet the dynamic and unique challenges of law enforcement across the State. The ever changing demands on the criminal justice system create new and difficult challenges for leaders, supervisors and managers at all levels of law enforcement. LEMD presents courses to meet those challenges and prepare the professional officer for advancement. Course offerings emphasize improving the officer’s ability to better supervise or manage within agency, enhancing interaction with their communities, and developing additional education and skills that benefit the law enforcement profession.

Many of our courses are instructed by nationally recognized instructors or faculty members, including retired and active law enforcement, military, and private sector professionals. Courses are scheduled around the State in an effort to provide every officer an opportunity to receive advanced management education and training without the unnecessary expense of extended travel. Grants from the Arkansas Attorney General’s Office will enable us to again offer Animal Fighting/Animal Cruelty Investigations and Officer Safety programs.

As with all CJI courses, your input is always welcome. If you feel that certain programs would
be of benefit to you or your agency, please let us know. Your individual requests help us provide
programs that best meet the needs of your agency.

For more information, contact Kimberly Hendricks: (501) 570-8041 or

Course Schedule