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Illicit Drug Initiative

Methamphetamine use and abuse continues to be a problem for law enforcement across the state. Although clandestine labs are still present, the majority of meth brought into Arkansas is manufactured in Mexican “super labs.” Due to its cheaper price and high purity, it is in high demand by drug dealers and users. With Arkansas being primarily a transit state, users and trafficking statistics have remained high, but steady over the last several years. These trafficking activities still pose challenges and safety concerns for officers implementing enforcement activities.

Through the Special State Asset Forfeiture Fund, CJI will continue to make methamphetamine a key training priority for fiscal year 2017. The classes scheduled will provide a variety of curricular content and cover such topics as surveillance, highway drug interdiction, search warrant preparation, undercover operations, hotel/motel interdiction, planning and executing search warrants, drug recognition, and consensual encounters. The classes to be presented have been developed by narcotics officers and interdiction specialists with decades of experience in their fields.

Through federal funding, CJI will continue to offer online methamphetamine-related courses each month for increased access and availably.

The Illicit Drug Initiative will deliver several courses for the first time during fiscal year 2017. Planning and Executing Search Warrants will be offered during the first half of FY17 and will cover the proper preparation, assessment, planning, and execution of search warrants. Additionally, participants will participate in a practical exercise to reinforce the intelligence gathering and planning skills learned during lecture.

For more information about the Illicit Drug Initiative, contact Annette Tracy: (501) 570-8061 or

Course Schedule