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CJI's Distinguished Programs

The Criminal Justice Institute features distinguished programs designed to provide in-depth education and training to Arkansas officers at all levels of law enforcement. ARKANSAS LEADER—which is available for Chiefs of Police, Sheriffs, and other executive agency heads—equips Arkansas law enforcement leaders with the skills they need to more effectively accomplish the goals and aims of their law enforcement agencies. For first and second line supervisors, the School of Law Enforcement Supervision (SLES) is a mid-level management school that covers major aspects of police supervision. SLES is the cornerstone of CJI’s Law Enforcement Administration academic certificate and degree programs.

The Crime Scene Technician Certificate Program (CSTCP) provides specialized coursework on the six fundamental components of crime scene investigation. All sessions include lectures on the general theory behind each component and require the completion of practical exercises to reinforce the skills necessary to effectively examine and process a crime scene. CJI’s Narcotics Officer Certificate Program (NOCP) is the only program of its kind in Arkansas and provides officers with the fundamental knowledge and skills they need to conduct safe and successful narcotics investigations, and is particularly beneficial to new narcotics officers.

Current Courses:
Arkansas Leader
Narcotics Officer Certificate Program
Crime Scene Technician Certificate Program
School of Law Enforcement Supervision
Advanced Crime Scene Technician Certificate Program