The average professional educator will almost inevitably encounter impaired individuals from time to time. It is important, therefore, that the educator be able to recognize when he or she has encountered an impaired individual, and learn how to deal with this situation in the academic environment in order to provide early intervention.

To assist educators in this effort, the Arkansas Center for School Safety will present Drug Impairment Training for Educational Professionals (DITEP) on Tuesday, December 19, at the Cabot High School.

The purpose of this training is to provide school administrators, teachers, counselors, nurses and school resource officers with a systematic approach to recognizing and evaluating individuals in the academic environment who are using and are impaired by drugs.

– The drugs of choice within a community setting
– The observable effects of each of the seven major drug categories
– The effects likely to result from various drug combinations
– The importance of policies and procedures for dealing with cases involving drug-impaired individuals in the academic setting
– The major drug categories
– Medical conditions and other situations that can produce similar signs of impairment
– Appropriate procedures for dealing with drug-impaired or medically impaired individuals.

School Administrators, School Staff, Educators, School Nurses, School Counselors School Resource Officers

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FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: Stacey Ball, ACSS Program Assistant, 501-570-8079 • [email protected]