• Feb 26, 2020 - Feb 26, 2020
  • 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
  • South Central Education Service Cooperative

Juveniles don’t know a world without social media but do they know the dangers?  Do we, as adults, know the dangers? Schools and families depend more and more on the Internet and computer usage for daily homework assignments and communication. Students today have easy access to cell phones, smart phones, computers, iPads and tablets. This two-part course will address the importance of school personnel and school resource officers in staying current on the Internet and social media sites being most used by juveniles. The morning session will address the latest trends, popular internet sites, text abbreviations and social network sites being utilized by juveniles. It will also discuss current social media trends and crimes related to our juveniles’ use of social media sites, cell phones and computers. The afternoon session will discuss the explosion of social media applications and the dangers they present to today’s youth with an emphasis on sexual exploitation of minors. Focus will be given to real-life investigations that have occurred in Arkansas to include a live demonstration on the means and methods employed by internet predators to entice and coerce minors into exploitative situations. Attendees will also receive tips and materials regarding social media-based investigations. This class will also address the legal implications associated with cybercrimes and specific social media sites.


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